Mrs. Goodwin

Welcome to Middle School Music!

Middle school grades are offered music as a rotation class, 2 times weekly, approximately 50 minutes per class session. Each middle school student receives a trimester of music instruction each year.

Curriculum and Goals

Student in grades 6-8 experience music from several genres, jazz, rock, country, bluegrass, orchestral, Broadway musicals, world music from many cultures and countries.

The elements of music are woven throughout the trimester: Melody, Harmony, Rhythm, Tone Color, and Expression. Students have the opportunity to play rhythm-percussion instruments, xylophones, keyboards, and recorders. Students in grades 6-8 are invited to join the OLL Band program and the Honor Choir. The students are also invited to be music ministers by joining the student Mass choirs.

Band and Choir

Band is offered to students from grades 4 through 8. This band is comprised of a few beginners and several more advanced players. I am the primary teacher of the band members, although at times I do invite my advanced players to lend a hand with the beginners, in a one on one, or small group setting. It is amazing how these young musicians come together by the Christmas program to make some great music together!


For serious singers in grades 3-8, I offer the OLL HONOR CHOIR, who experience many genres of vocal music. This group performs what they have learned in various performing venues, both within the school community and beyond.


'Catholic Values, Self-Awareness, Responsible Citizen, Lifelong Learner’, these terms are a way of life at OLL, as well as in the music room! Lifelong learner is stressed in music, as music and performance memories are something we take with us for the rest of our lives.


The addition of Chromebooks for each middle school student has allowed the children to have immediate access for the study of composers, musicians, bands, etc. The music room has a large screen overhead projector system for use when studying musical topics on youtube, or for looking at images of musical subjects on the big screen, and for watching Broadway musicals, documentaries, etc.